What is Voice Search Optimization

In these tutorials we will study What is Voice Search Optimization, What is a Voice Search, Why is voice search optimization gaining so much popularity, What are the different types of voice assistants and its benefits.

What is a Voice Search

Nowadays technology is changing every day. In today’s world, we can do tasks without even moving our fingers. Such technology is the voice search. The voice search is a new technology in which one can access their internet by simply using their voice and a smart device. There are a few well-known examples of voice search optimization like the google assistant and Siri in the apple devices. More than 41% of the people use voice search at least once a day.

Earlier Apple has launched a software named Siri in 2011. It can do searches, do maths, etc.  After 2019 this software is being used to make products like Alexa, Google home, etc. this technology has made people’s life easier. They are getting more popular as there are more strict rules on driving and phone interactions. So people find it more convenient to use voice search.

What is Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization (VSO) or we can say voice engine optimization is a trademarked term for voice-based search engine optimization. The voice search optimization helps to optimize the brand information, location, and content to increase the likelihood of powering voice search results. We can perform multiple tasks in a given amount of time. Thus saving time and we are able to get information instantly.

What is Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is similar to search engine optimization. In search engine optimization the content is generated for the users and the information they seek.

Why is voice search optimization gaining so much popularity?

There are many reasons why voice search optimization is gaining so much popularity. But the main reason is its efficiency to give the information and to complete tasks hand free. Here are some of the few reasons.

  • The availability of multitasking easily
  • The availability of finishing the task more efficiently and fast
  • The user gets the answers and the information more instantly
  • It makes life easier.

What are the benefits of a voice search engine?

There are many benefits to have a voice search engine. Some of the following are listed below.


The time of the people is saved as they do not have to manually type for searching for something. This is a major advantage of voice search optimization.

No language barrier

Voice search optimization gives an edge against all the other search engines as there is no language barrier. People can search for any item in any language. There are many people who can not speak English so it would be more convenient for them to search in their mother tongue.

Relevant verbal keywords

The voice search engines identify the relevant verbal keyword based on the accent of different people living across the globe. 

Rebuilding the content

The content that was created and marketed based upon the traditional method is now rebuilt. Rebuilding the content according to the keywords that are being searched nowadays will help in higher voice search optimization.

What are the different types of voice assistants?

There are many different types of voice assistants. Voice assistants or virtual assistants are the software agents that perform tasks for individuals depending upon the command or instruction given. The most commonly used voice assistants are google, Alexa, Siri, and Cortona.

Google Assistant

The google voice assistant offers us voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control. It helps us in completing multiple tasks by simply saying “OK GOOGLE’’. It is also designed to give us conversational interaction. It is mainly present on android phones or tablets. Google is much better than Alexa as Alexa tends to be a stickler for some particular sequence of words plus it depends mainly on Wikipedia for general knowledge queries. The google assistant does not store the audio by itself we can do it manually by changing the settings.

Google Assistant


Siri is a virtual assistant that is a part of Apple devices. Siri uses voice queries and a natural language user interface to perform tasks like answering the queries, giving recommendations, etc. Siri was released on iPhone 4. Siri was getting much popularity but is now not gaining too much popularity as many media reports say Siri lacks innovation. In Siri, the commands that we give are not recorded they use transcript instead.



Alexa is a type of voice assistant which was developed by Amazon. It can be controlled by the use of voice. The Alexa was first introduced in speakers and then to android. Alexa can do many functions such as playing music, setting reminders, listen to the news, etc. Alexa records the command after we say its wake word. Alexa stops listening after 8 seconds of silence. We can even mute Alexa by using the mute feature of Alexa. After we mute Alexa it can no listen to the commands even after we say the wake word.



Cortona is a new type of virtual voice assistant. It is available on Windows 10. Cortana is a voice assistant that was developed by Microsoft to help windows. It can tell us jokes, set reminders, tell us weather forecasts, send emails, etc. the Cortana is not always listening we have to click on the search bar to turn it on.