What is Off Page SEO Strategy 2021

In this tutorials section, we will study what is off page SEO strategy 2021, definition, and it’s important and explain all methods to get higher backlinks on your site.

What is Off Pages SEO

Off-page SEO is an SEO activity, this activity to get high-quality backlinks to any individual web page and achieving rank higher in any search engine results pages as well as taking more relevant traffic is called Off-page SEO.

Off-page SEO can be done by anyone who does not have technical knowledge. It involves taking backlinks to your site from different websites. Backlinks are a very big concept in itself. We will cover what is backlinks in our respective tutorials. The basic task of on-page SEO is to rank your keywords. The job of off-page SEO is to give that pages a position. Meaning that we can rank our keywords on the first page with the help of Off-page SEO.

Backlinks building

Backlinks Building

Previously used to be backlinks is a king but now the content is a king. Mean Google has started giving more value to the content. If your content follows the rules of on-page SEO so there is a lot of chance to rank your page on the first page.

The ranking also depends on the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of any backlinks. You can’t say that your competitor has 100 backlinks and you also have 100 backlinks so why is your site not ranking and why its site is ranking. Do you know that the backlinks that he has are of higher DA and PA?

Why Off-Page SEO is Important

Off-page SEO is very important to me because behind the raking of any website is the hand of many of the most powerful backlinks. If you do not have backlinks, So there is very little chance to rank your website on top.

With off-page SEO you can take backlinks from higher websites and through that backlinks you can get the most powers full relevant traffic to your website. With the off-page, you can target your long tall keywords and keep your keywords on top and you can compete with your higher competitors.

Why Off-Page SEO is Important

Look backlinks are much more important and more difficult to get. There are a lot of ways to get backlinks, it has different types and activities, I will try to cover all those activities in these tutorials so that you can get easily more high-quality backlinks.

All this activity is part of digital marketing, if you do not know about digital marketing then you must have it once.

What is Off page SEO strategy?

Off-page SEO has many different strategies. I will tell you about many strategies in this tutorial, you should read them all and in the upcoming tutorials, I will define these all activity one by one in detail.

What is Off Page SEO Strategy

Profile Creation

In this section, we will create profiles on different websites related to our brand so that we can get high-quality backlinks.

Directory Submission

In this section, we will create your website category related, high-quality backlinks. Directory backlinks take a longer time to cache a bit.


In this section, we will get high-quality backlinks related to your product and services. Classified backlinks are limited-time backlinks.

PPT Submission

In this section, we will submit a new and fresh PPT (PowerPoint presentation) on different sites and get backlinks.

PDF Submission

In this section, we will submit a new and fresh PDF (Portable Document Format) to different sites and get backlinks.

Infographic Submission

In this section, we will submit an attractive and fresh infographic on different sites and get backlinks. Infographic is an image format, this format defines all product and services related information in one image.

Audio Submission

In this section, we will submit natural audio (like- MP3) in different sites and get backlinks. We can record the complete information of our product in an audio form and submit it to different sites.

Videos Posting

In this section, we will submit a video (like- mp4, m4a, m4v, etc) in different sites and get backlinks. We can create videos related to our product and submit them to different sites.

Images Sharing

In this section, we will submit high-quality images (like- jpg, png, gif, etc) in different sites and get backlinks. We can create attractive images related to our products and services and submit them to different sites.

Comments Backlinks

Comments backlinks simply you have to find websites that are blogging and you have to relevant comment below his post so that those people can approve your comment and you can get a good backlink.

Forums Submission

There are many forums submission websites on the internet, you just go to those sites, create your profile, and make backlinks through questions and answers.

Ping Submission

Ping submission is used to cache backlinks if you are not having any backlinks cache, then you can use Ping submission.

Search Engine Submission

If you have not submitted your website in the search engine, then do it first of all so that at least your website will be able to come on search engine results pages.

Wiki Submission

Taking backlinks from wiki websites is called wiki submission. Wiki submission is relevant to all site’s high DR PR.

Social Bookmarking

Taking backlinks from social sites is called Social Bookmarking. Most social bookmarking sites are no-follow. Social bookmarking are different types like – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Business Listing

Taking backlinks from the business-relevant site is called business listing. With the business listing, you can tell your nearest customers about your product.


Web2.0 is also called a blogging site. Creating a blogging site in free and posting backlinks related to your product on that blog is called web2.0.

Article Submission

Article submission is a method to get high do-follow backlinks. There are lots of article submission sites, you can take a lot of backlinks by posting without copyright content on those sites.

Backlinks Exchange

Backlinks exchange is a method to exchange backlinks one website to another website. In this method, you can contact the owner of a website and ask them for backlinks for your site and in return, you give them backlinks from your site.

Guest Posting

The guest posting basically involves taking paid backlinks. It is very expensive but by this, you get a backlink of high quality.


Competitor-Backlinks Basically you can get analysis by SEO tools itself and you can convert those backlinks to your backlinks.