What is Google Voice Search Algorithm 2021

In this tutorial, we will study what is google voice search algorithm 2021, how it works, and what is the neural network behind google voice transcription. So let us start.

What is Google Voice Search Algorithm

The google voice search is a Google product that helps users to do a voice search by simply saying ok google. It was initially named as voice action but later was merged with google and is now known as google voice search.

Google voice search is available on mobile phones, tabs, laptops, smartwatches. In August 2014 google added new features in google voice search which allows the user to choose up to five languages.

What is Google Voice Search Algorithm

The google voice search works using the google voice assistant. The google voice assistant offers us voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control. It helps us in completing multiple tasks by simply saying “OK GOOGLE’’. It is also designed to give us conversational interaction.

It is mainly present on android phones or tablets. Google is much better than Alexa as Alexa tends to be a stickler for some particular sequence of words plus it depends mainly on Wikipedia for general knowledge queries. The google assistant does not store the audio by itself we can do it manually by changing the settings.

How does the google voice search algorithm work

Before we search the web crawlers gather the information from billions of webpages and then organize it into the search index. Google searches out the web pages containing the keywords that we have searched and then assigns a rank to each of the web pages including the times the keyword has appeared on the web page.

Analyzing the words

Google analyses what we are searching for and then provides us with the results. Using the language modules google converts our search and gives us the relevant result.

Matching the search

Google searches for the web pages that match the query we have searched for. After analyzing google gives us web pages depending upon the ranking. Google matches the result by using keywords. Google offers us the most relevant result by using ranking.

Ranking web pages

The ranking of the web pages depends upon the freshness of the content and the number of times the keyword has appeared. The ranking also depends on the number of hits on the site. Google provides us with the highest-ranking website on the top.


The content we are offering to the user matters. A variety of factors matters like past search history, search settings, and the location. Let us take an example if the user searches for “best restaurants” and the user is in Delhi as a result the best restaurants in Delhi will show up.

Best Restaurants

Best results should be returned

Google evaluates the search terms to provide us with the most helpful information. The best result today may not be forever; it may change tomorrow.

What is behind google voice transcription

The neural network is behind the google voice transcription. Around 2012 the deep neural networks revolutionized the field of speech recognition. The multilayered networks help in better recognition of sounds. The first android speech recognizer was introduced in May 2012.

Google Voice Transcription

The neural network uses language modeling. There is more of a speech recognition rather than recognizing particular sounds. The language modeling is generally trained over large text. The neural network is replacing the previous technologies rapidly.