What are the Bing Webmaster Tools?

In this tutorial, we will learn what are the bing webmaster tools? what is its use? How to add your site to the Bing webmaster tool? So let us start.

What are the Bing webmaster tools?

Bing webmaster tools which were earlier known as bing webmaster center is a free service that is provided by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine that allows the webmasters to add their websites onto the Bing index crawler from where they can see their site’s performance, the clicks, impressions, and many more. Many services are offered as tools for troubleshooting the crawling and indexing of the website, new URLs submission, creating the sitemap, website statistics, submission and ping tools, etc.

what are the bing webmaster tools

What are the tools and features provided by the Bing webmaster tools?

The following features have been provided by the bing webmaster tools for accessing data and managing the website on bing.

Submit URLs

This feature allows webmasters to submit as many URLs as they want to on their website to increase the indexing. 10,00 URLs can be submitted per day.

Bing webmaster submit url

Crawl control

This feature allows us to control the speed at which the Bingbot makes requests for pages and resources on our website. We can control if we want it to crawl faster or slower than the normal rate of crawling.

Bing webmaster crawl control

Backlink data

This allows webmasters to access data about the referring links.

Bing webmaster backlink data

Data download

This feature allows us to access the first 1000 words in a CSV file for analyzing the results.

Bing webmaster Data download

Keyword search tool

It allows us to explore new keywords.

bing webmaster Keyword search tool

Robots.txt validator

It allows us to check if the robots.txt file meets the standards or not.

Bing webmaster Robots.txt validator


It allows us to check if bing is viewing the sitemap correctly or not.

bing webmaster Sitemaps

Seo reports

These reports help in pointing out the issues related to SEO. When these issues are resolved the SEO ranking can be improved easily.

Bing webmaster seo report

How to set up the bing webmaster tools?

There are a few steps that should be followed to set up the bing webmaster tool:

Create an account on webmaster tools

Firstly create an account on webmaster tools. Search for the bing webmaster tools and click on “sign up”. We can create an account using Microsoft, Google, or Facebook account.

An empty dashboard will appear once the account has been created.

Submit the URL to bing

Add the URL of your website to the box and press the add button. The next page will allow us to add more information about the site.

Submit sitemap to bing

The most important step is to add an XML sitemap. Paste your sitemap URL inside the box, once done hit the save button. Now we have to verify the profile.

How to verify the bing webmasters tools?

There are a number of ways through which one can verify their profile.

Through XML file

First, download the bing XML file and upload it to the domain’s root folder. This will create a URL, you need to upload this file via FTP.

For this verification method, you must have access to the FTP.

How to verify the bing webmasters tools

Through meta tag

Add a meta tag to your website’s homepage. In case you are using CMS having a section for custom HTML, drop the meta tag there to put it live.

Do not change the place of the meta tag otherwise we have to again verify again.

How to verify the bing webmasters tools Through meta tag

Through hosting provider: CNAME

The last method is adding a CNAME record via the hosting provider. This is the quickest and strongest method to verify your profile.

These are the methods to verify profile without WordPress, but if we use WordPress we have plenty of more options.

How to verify the bing webmasters tools through cname

Yoast SEO

First, sign in to WordPress backend and go to SEO. from the main Yoast dashboard click on the webmaster tools tab. You can drop in the bing verification code inside the box.

Copy the HTML meta tag code and paste it into Yoast. Now click on “save changes” and go back to bing webmaster tools and verify the profile using the HTML tag method.

All In One SEO pack

Go to all in one SEO -> general settings and click on the webmaster verification section. Paste the HTML tag inside the box and click on the “update options” button.

Rank Math

Go to the general setting tab in rank math. Click on the webmaster tools present in the submenu and paste your meta tag into the bing box. The Bing webmaster tools are now verified.

Verify bing webmaster using rank math