What are backlinks and their types?

In this, we will study what are backlinks and what are its types like Business profile, Webinar links, etc, and differences between dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that connect two websites. Backlinks are used to connect one website to a page on another website. The search engines consider backlinks votes on a specific page and rank them accordingly. The pages having a higher number of votes appear on higher ranking in the search results.

What are backlinks

Types of backlinks?

There are mainly two types of backlinks. One is dofollow and nofollow. A person reading the web page can never see the difference between a dofollow backlink and a nofollow backlink. The only difference is the source code. The specific tag in the source code is used to determine how search engines will view the backlink. It is also used to determine the effect of the backlink on the SEO ranking.

Nofollow backlink

Nofollow is an HTML attribute value that is used for instructing search engine bots that the hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine index. It is used for improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing to occur.

Dofollow backlink

Dofollow is a default state or a link. In other words, we can say that any link that is without the nofollow attribute is a dofollow link.

There are several types of backlinks. A brief description of each one of them is given below.

Business profile backlinks

When we create an online profile for any business we can include a link back to our website. These business links help the website to come up as a well established and high-quality website.

Webinar links

The link that is established when there is a high-value piece of content on our website is known as a webinar link. We all know that by creating valuable content one can often attract other websites to link back to it. By creating a webinar link both the websites get benefited.

Free tool links

Offering a free tool has always encouraged other websites to link back to something valuable on the website. A free tool can be a basic tool or a scaled-down version of a paid tool. When the tools will be valuable enough then other websites start linking to them in their content.

Acknowledgment backlinks

When a website mentions and links to another website in reference to relationship or sponsorship then those links are known as acknowledgment backlinks. These types of links do not typically have much content related to the brand or what they do.

Guest post bio backlinks

The guest blogging allows us to link back to the author’s site within the main body of the content. But in some of the cases, the guest blogging does not allow us to do so. In these cases they allow the author to include the link in the author’s bio. Bio backlinks can add value to the website link portfolio.

Badge backlinks

Badge backlinks are a kind of award that the brand creates and gives out to other sites in the form of a status symbol. These badge backlinks help in providing value to other websites.

Newsworthy press release backlinks

Newsworthy press release backlinks are used to serve double duty for marketing efforts. It is used to gain backlinks and can alter media outlets about our news. These backlinks are only beneficial when used properly.

Comment backlinks

When we comment on some blog posts, we are usually allowed to include a link back to our website. By posting genuine comments on high-quality blog posts, the drive traffic on the website can increase, and thus the brand visibility on social media platforms will increase.

Paid links

Paid links are a type of bad backlinks. Google says that buying or selling links may cause a negative impact on the site’s ranking in the search results.

General business and article directory links

Try to stick to the most trustworthy, authoritative, and industry-relevant directories and do not create profiles on spammy directories for the purpose of generating links. Do not overreach with directory listings.

Forum links

Joining dozens of links to the website is bad for google ranking. We should only link the high-quality forums that will increase the site’s overall look and content.