How to Optimize Voice Search Friendly Content 2021

In this tutorial, we will study why should we optimize our content for voice search and how to optimize voice search friendly content 2021. So let us start.

Why should we optimize our content for voice search

Optimizing the content will help us get more audience and will ultimately help in the higher ranking of the site. The content optimization goal is to attract the largest possible target audience. In the content optimization, we make sure that the associated keywords are present in the content, we have added meta tags, tags, and relevant links. Almost 4 billion people are using voice search nowadays. So to gain more audience we need to optimize the content in order to get a higher ranking. Getting a higher rank will directly make our website come to the first page and thus increasing the number of clicks.

How to Optimize Voice Search Friendly Content

There are a few steps that need to be followed to optimize the content and receive a higher number of target audiences.
How to Optimize Voice Search Friendly Content

Focus on phrases and the longtail keywords

The sentences we say on voice search are completely different from what we type in google search. We use many awkward words and long phrases. Use more conversational language for the content.
What is the age of Salman khan
“What is the age of Salman khan?” is an example of a conversational query and if we would type it on search bar we would type Salman’s age which is entirely different. Therefore content optimization of voice search now focuses on the nature of voice search.

Try anticipating specific questions that are asked in a conversational manner

Voice searches can many times include a whole sentence. Try to make content around the queries who will get us the maximum of the target audience. Question keywords should be targeted more like what, when, how, etc.  Search for the questions that are asked most of the time by the users to increase the ranking. If we will add these things than the google will notice our website and hence will rank it higher.

Optimize the website for local SEO

A report says that voice searches are three times more for the local things. For example, people often ask for a coffee house near me, a hotel near me. To get a higher ranking the local businessman have to optimize the content accordingly, give correct opening and closing timings. This method is to improve your SEO.
Optimize the website for local SEO

Making sure the website is ready for mobile-friendly

Making sure that the website is mobile-friendly will increase the ranking as most of us use android or apple phones. Mobile phones are easier to use and are always easy to handle. Make the website mobile responsive it should not be hard to use.
Making sure the website is ready for mobile-friendly

Making sure the website is ready for voice search

Google has encouraged many businesses to make their website ready to go on mobile phones. As most of us use mobile phones more than anything else. The information you give should be ready to use. For example, if the user wants to go to a salon and needs an appointment he just wants immediate results and would like to just click on the call button for an appointment.

Make the loading time of your website less

This is a very essential factor for voice search. If your website is taking too long to load then it will soon be abandoned by the users as nobody has so much time to waste upon. We can do that by using compressed images, reducing javascript parsing, using CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks, using CDN, etc.
Make the loading time of your website less

Restructuring the content

We need to restructure the content again and again to optimize higher ranking. The main motive should be to include maximum questions in the content that can be asked in the voice search. Structuring the content will give your site a professional look and thus attract more audiences. Voice search optimization is a part of VSO.

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