How to Make Facebook Page SEO Friendly?

In this tutorial, we will study what is SEO (search engine optimization), how it works, how to make Facebook page SEO friendly and the benefits associated with it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, by the name only we can get an idea that it optimizes the search results. If we want to define it we would say that SEO is a digital marketing strategy that mainly focuses on the website’s presence when the search results appear on any search engine.

The search engine optimization helps in improvising the rank of the site. By improving the rank the website will be shown on the top of the search performed by the search engine.

How does it work?

When the working of search engine optimization is understood by the user, then they can use different tips and tricks to improve their website’s visibility and ranking in the search results. To know about the working of SEO we have to take a deeper dive.

In the search engines, we have spiders or in other words, we can say that we have automated robots. These robots collect all types of information about the website and pages that are associated with the site. The information that is collected is the meta tags, page speed, internal links, title tags, backlinks, and more. With the help of this information, the robots determine when your site will be searched and showed.

The optimization of the site is done by two factors: on-page and off-page ranking. In the on-page SEO, we mainly focus on the things present on the page, such as title tags, URLs, internal links, content, etc. while the off-page ranking is based on the links that are connected to our site from other resources.

How to Make Facebook Page SEO Friendly?

Facebook is one of the most social media for promoting brands and businesses. But there are a number of pages on Facebook, so how can we attract the audience to our page? By improving the SEO ranking of the page, the brand or business can grow more.

How to make Facebook page SEO friendly

There are millions of users on Facebook from all around the globe if we use the correct methods and techniques to improve the ranking of the page, the brands can easily get recognition and fame. So what are these methods? Let’s see

Name of the page

Choosing the correct and suitable name or user name for the Facebook page is important. The name should be catchy and easy to remember. The name of the Facebook page can’t be changed and thus should be chosen wisely.

Don’t add unnecessary words in the page title, for example, tony’s sportswear-cheap comfortable running shoes, this is not at all a good idea. Nobody’s gonna share the posts from such a page.

Select a small and catchy tail of keywords, select the first word carefully, and google lays emphasis on it.

Name of the page


One of the basic and most important elements in search engine optimization is keywords. Find out the most effective and straightforward keywords for the brand. Choose a keyword that is highly specific so that you will be able to reach out to a broader audience.

Pick up specific and low volume keywords, ignore keyword stuffing as much as possible and keep checking for new keywords and rankings.


Backlinks will help you have more contacts with reputed and trusted websites. Google tends to see this factor more, the backlinks from unknown or random sources might bring your page down.

On Facebook, you can share the links in your posts and blogs, from there people might share your blogs and unknowingly promote the page.

About tab

The about tab of the page gives the visitors an idea about what the page is about, it is the first impression of the brand and should contain all relevant information about the brand or business.

Don’t simply write down anything out of your mind. Sit back and think about it and then write, the about tab decides whether the visitor will end up becoming a fan or just a trespasser. Try to keep the information simple, informative, and interesting.

About tab

Update the business information

Provide the correct business information so that the followers can contact the page directly. There are so many brands and businesses on Facebook, but not all of them actually deliver the promised products or services. By providing the information, the brand also gains the trust of the masses. The business details must include address, contact details, working hours, partners, and more.

Keep the page updated

Always keep the page updated with the activities and posts. People tend to like the pages that are most active. Keep doing something unique and catchy, not the same thing that has been there for years.

Timing is everything

This point is the most important among all. We have seen posts that get millions of likes and some that struggles even to get a hundred. It is all because of the timing of posting stuff and content, if we post at the right time it will pop up on the top and a wider audience will be iterating with the posts and updates, but if the timing is wrong then it will get lost somewhere.

Don’t forget that there are thousands of posts getting updated every hour. Post and share the content at the right time, this will help you a lot. Analyze when most of the followers are active so that most of them can see the post and share it.