How to get Google Ads Certification?

Hi guys, welcome back. In this module, I will be talking about how to get google ads certification. After reading this post, you will get to know the steps required to earn a google ads certification. When you qualify for this certification exam, you will receive a certificate, which you can add to your resume or CV and LinkedIn profile so that other people can see your skills. Your career might also benefit from it. Let’s get started without further delay.

How to get Google Ads Certification?

How to get google ads certification?

Google Ads certification is a program that certifies marketers as online advertising experts. Google Ads is among the most popular and beneficial tools to get more visitors to your site. To make more effective advertisements on Google, this certificate can be very useful to you. Given below are the steps to earn this valuable certificate.

1. Choose your Google Account through which you want to use to give certification exams.

If you are working in a company, you can use your email address at work, otherwise, you can use your personal Gmail or Google Account.

2. Go to Google Skillshop and select Google ads certification.

Once you have logged into your account that you wish to use for certification, visit Google Skillshop, which gives access to all of Google’s e-learning courses. You can pick the certification exam of your choice you want to take after visiting Skillshop.

You may also check out the Google Ads section in Skillshop, where each topic consists of a fundamental course and Google ads certification assessments. Each assessment on the Skillshop page includes access to free courses and study resources, allowing you to fully prepare for the test.

3. Prepare yourself for certification exams

The Google Ads Certification covers six topics. These include Google Ads Search, Display, Measurement, Video, Shopping, Apps.

If you are a beginner to Google Ads, it is suggested that you should begin with Google Ads Search Certification and then continue with the rest of them. The most frequent form of ads that marketers or businesses use is search ads.

Prepare yourself for certification exams

You can prepare for the exams by watching YouTube tutorials and articles. Google itself provides some resources and study materials from which you can prepare for your exam. Try to solve and answer as many sample questions as you can. This will help you to know what types of questions are asked in the exam.

Don’t skip any topic if you are a beginner, otherwise, the questions might be asked from that topic which you have left. You can also enroll yourself in the courses offered by Udemy on Google Ads Certification. If possible, try to make handwritten notes to jot down important points so that you can go through them when you want to revise some topics.

You may now take the Google Ads Certification test after you are confident in what you have learned.

4. Take the Certification Exam to discover how well you know Google Ads and how well you have prepared.

The Google Ads certification test is completely free. To get certified, you must pass an assessment in one of the certification specialties. To earn a Certificate, you must pass the assessment. After passing the exam, you will receive a certification badge which you can display on your LinkedIn profile. The Google Partner badge does not include the Google Ads Measurement certification. But if you fail in the exam, you have to wait for at least one day before attempting the exam again.

Take your time to understand each question before responding, but keep in mind the time restriction. You are free to complete all of the assessments if you so want.

What is the exam pattern?

All of the questions asked are multiple-choice (MCQs). The duration of each examination might be different, but it is between one and two hours. You have to pass the examination with a minimum percentage of 80% in all the exams. Once the exam has begun, you will not be able to pause it.

The certificates have a one-year validity period. You must retake and pass the certification assessment in the relevant product area to renew your certification. The certifications for Google Ads are available in 22 languages.

I hope you find this article beneficial. Prepare yourself well to take the assessment. Give the exam not only to just pass and receive a certificate but also to increase your knowledge. If you failed to pass the exam, don’t lose motivation but learn from the wrong answers which you have marked during the exam. After passing this exam, you will be able to demonstrate to your boss and coworkers that you are an expert in your area.