How To Create A LinkedIn Company Page?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a LinkedIn company page, what are the benefits associated with it, is it free of cost, and what are the conditions need to be satisfied before making the company page. So let us start.

How to create a LinkedIn company page?

Creating a LinkedIn company page is easy and free. Follow these steps to create a LinkedIn company page:

How to create a LinkedIn company page

Select the type of company page that you want to make. You need to have a rough idea about the basic structure, this will help you make a good company page.

Open LinkedIn profile

Open up your LinkedIn profile on the top left corner you’ll see work, click on that, and navigate through it and go to the create a company page section.

Open LinkedIn profile

Choose Business Type

A number of options will be shown to you, whether you want to create a small business, medium to large business, showcase your page, or form an educational institution. For instance, let’s choose a small business, after choosing a new page will one up.

Choose Business Type

Fill some details

We need to fill in some details, like the name of the company page, type of industry, and much more.

Fill some details

Verify the information

After filling in the details, verify the information provided, and then click on the create page.

verify the information

Add your business details

After creating the page we can add cover photos, taglines, descriptions about our page, and much more.

Add your business details 

Congratulations your LinkedIn page created

We can analyze the floor of the audience on our page, and make the required changes to help our company page grow. We can give updates about the upcoming events and the work done by the company.

Congratulations your LinkedIn page created 

You can make further changes in the about section, adding the hashtags, locations, overviews, and more.

What are the benefits of creating a LinkedIn company page?

By creating a LinkedIn company page, we can easily establish our brand and share our work. Additional credibility is added to your personal profile, thus making a great impact on others. If we have created the page we can add the company name to our personal profile, and easily link to the page and add in the logo, and link to our profile.

The LinkedIn company page gives us the chance to reach out to a wider range of audiences and gets us potential customers for our products and services.

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Is creating a LinkedIn company page free?

Yes, creating a LinkedIn company page is absolutely free of cost. With over 200 million members LinkedIn provides all its members the facility to create a company page. Anybody who has the company name and email address of the company can create a Linkedin company page. Creating a company page is easy and free of cost.

Why can’t I make a LinkedIn company page?

We need to take care of a number of conditions, all of these conditions need to be satisfied:

  • The administrator should have more than one or two established connections on LinkedIn.
  • You must have a personal LinkedIn profile, if you don’t have one create one by following simple steps. This means that the administrator of the company must be part of the LinkedIn community
  • The personal profile must be at an all-star or intermediate level. To check the level go to your dashboard.