Free Backlink Analysis Tools

In this tutorial, we will study the top 6 Free Backlink Analysis Tools in google like – Ahref, SEMrush, Moz link explorer, Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console, and Ubersuggest Backlinks Analytics.

Free Backlink Analysis Tools

You all will know how important backlinks are for ranking any keywords. It is equally important for us to know that said on our keywords, Backlinks are being targeted. So that by analyzing our targeted backlinks, we can make our backlinks even bigger.

With the help of Backlink Analysis Tools, we can also analyze the totals backlinks of our competitors and try to convert those backlinks to our backlinks. Backlink Analysis Tools are mainly used in competitor analysis so that we can know better about our competitors.

Free Backlink Analysis Tools

In this tutorial, we will discuss the 6 Free Backlink Analysis Tools, whose names are as follows.

  1. Ahref Backlink Checker
  2. SEMrush Backlinks Analytics
  3. Moz Link Explorer
  4. Bing Webmaster
  5. Google search console
  6. Ubersuggest Backlinks Analytics

Ahref Backlink Checker

Ahref is one of the best tools of Backlink Checker, I personally use it only. Ahref is paid by the way, but the features of this Ahref backlink checker are absolutely free, anyone can use this feature.

In these tools, you can enter your website URL in the Ahref backlink checker field and click the check backlinks button and verify you are not a robot. Then automatically Ahref displays data according to your website. In this Ahref showing Domain rating (DR), totals backlinks with the percentage of dofollow and referring domains with the total percentage of dofollow.

Ahref backlink checker field

Below shows the Aref top 100 Backlink, top 5 anchors, and top 5 pages with HTTP 200 status code. Ahref providing a lot of free features.

Ahref backlink checker

Free Features of Ahref

  1. Backlink Checker
  2. Broken Link Checker
  3. Website Authority Checker
  4. Keyword Generator
  5. YouTube Keyword Tool
  6. Amazon Keyword Tool
  7. Bing Keyword Tool
  8. SERP Checker
  9. Keyword Rank Checker
  10. Keyword Difficulty Checker

All the tools in the list above are free, you can use whichever one you want.

SEMrush Backlinks Analytics

First of all, create your SEMrush free account and go to the SEMrush backlinks analytics ( tool. Enter your website or your competitor website, what do you want? And press enter.

SEMrush Backlinks Analytics

In this, you see an overview in the first section in which you can see your authority score, referring domains, the total number of backlinks, monthly visits, and total keywords. In this overview section, you can analyze all over your website activity. If you want to do a deep analysis of all these activities, then you will have to analyze all these activities one by one. You get all these activities on the right side of the overview section from where you can easily visit.

SEMrush backlinks analytics overview


In this second section, you can analyze your totals backlinks (new and lost), backlink types (text, image, form, and frame), and link attributes (follow, nofollow, sponsored, and UGC).

SEMrush backlinks analytics backlinks


In this third section, you can analyze top anchors terms like top targeted keywords, and you can also see how many total backlinks these top targeted keywords have.

SEMrush backlinks analytics anchors

Referring domains

In this section, you can analyze top referring domains and their TLD distribution (.gov, .edu, .com, .de, .net, etc), top country (United States of America, Germany, France, etc), and all referring domains.

SEMrush backlinks analytics referring domain

Referring IPs

In this section, you can analyze top referring IPs and their TLD distribution (.org, uk, fr, it, etc), top country (United States of America and more), and all referring IPs.

SEMrush backlinks analytics referring ips

Indexed Pages

In this section, you can analyze your indexed pages and their page titles and URL, backlinks, domains, external links, internal links, and last seen.

SEMrush backlinks analytics indexed pages


In this section, you can see your top competitor website domain and their competitor level, common referring domains, top referring domains, and backlinks.

SEMrush backlinks analytics competitors

Moz Link Explorer

First of all, create your Moz free account and go to the Moz link explorer ( tool. In this tool, you can put your website URL and click the search icon.

Moz Link Explorer

On this page, you can see your website domain authority (DA), linking domains (new and lost), inbound links, and top-ranking keywords. Under that you get the option of quick download, in this, you can export all overactivity of your website in CSV format.
Under the quick download, you can analyze discovered and lost linking domains in this, red color indicates lost domain and green color indicates discovered domain.

Moz Link Explorer First Section

In this section, you can see the total follow and nofollow percentage of internal links and also the percentage of follow and nofollow of external links and you can analyze your top followed links to this site and top page on this site.

Moz Link Explorer Second Section

In this last section, you can see the top anchor text for this site and linking domain by DA.

Moz Link Explorer Theard Section

Bing Webmaster

Bing webmaster is a search console provided by bing, in this, you cannot analyze your competitor’s sites but you can analyze your website. First of all, create your account in bing webmaster and then get your website verified. You have to wait at least one week for new users to see your backlinks, only after that, you can analyze your backlinks.

You will have to go to the backlinks section of bing webmaster to analyze backlinks. Here you can see the total referring domain, total referring page, and anchor texts in the first section.

Bing Webmaster

In the 2nd section, you can compare your site from a similar site and in the 3rd section, you can disavow your toxic backlinks.

Google search console

You all know that Google search console is a webmaster tool of Google, in this also you cannot analyze your competitor’s backlinks like Bing webmaster but you can analyze the backlinks of your website.
In the Google search console, you have to get your website verified in the Google search console to see the backlinks coming to your website. Only after verification, you can see your total number of backlinks.

Google search console

If you have verified your website, then you go to the link section to check backlinks. In this section, you can see the total external links and total internal links, as well as the top linked pages and the backlinks coming to those pages. If you scroll a little, you can also see your anchor tags.

Ubersuggest Backlinks Analytics

Ubersuggest is a paid tool by the way, but it also provides its services for free with some limitations. If you have to analyze your backlinks with the help of Ubersuggest then first of all open this site and go to the backlinks section. Here you can analyze your or your competitor’s site. In this tool, once you enter the URL of any site and click on the search button, Ubersuggest shows you the backlinks you have on that site.

In the 1st section of Ubersuggest Backlinks Analytics, you can see the domain score, backlinks, referring domain, and organic monthly traffic and also analyze the statistics of backlinks over time.

Ubersuggest Backlinks Analytics

In the 2nd section of Ubersuggest, you can see the new and lost backlinks according to dofollow and nofollow. The last section is a backlink, In this section, you can see your targeted backlinks domain score, page score, link type, anchor text, first seen, and last seen of these backlinks.

Ubersuggest Backlinks Analytics second section