Duckduckgo VS Google

In this, we will see which search engine is better for the user. The comparison here is between duckduckgo vs google. One can find any of them better than the other depending upon their comfort and needs.

Duckduckgo VS Google

Duckduckgo VS Google

Advantages of Duckduckgo

Social media bio

Duckduckgo lets us see social media profiles without leaving the search engine. Another cool feature of duckduckgo is that it lets us search inside other sites. In the case of Google, we can use the site modifier to search for the results within a particular site but we still have to open the link to see results. With the use of duckduckgo, we can use the site’s own search features.

Alternatives to apps

When we search for any of the popular apps on duckduckgo we will find a bowl full of apps with a similar name. By clicking on any of the apps it will show us the price of the app along with some description and links to the store.

Another useful feature is that duckduckgo shows alternatives to the apps. We just have to search for it by searching an “alternative to google” and the results will be shown.

Shorten and expanded links

In duckduckgo, we can shorten the expanded links and expand the shorten links. We can expand by simply typing expand along with the URL. And shorten the expanded link by shortening along with the URL.

Generate passwords

We can generate strong passwords on duckduckgo. We just have to search “password20” and we will see a strong 20 character password. We can replace the number and characters according to our wishes.

To generate a password that is a little easy to remember we can search for “XKCD-style generate” and it will provide us with a password compromising of four common words that are put together.

Quick stopwatch

Duckduckgo provides us with the facility to create a stopwatch. We have to simply search “stopwatch” to use it.

Check if websites are down

If we want to check if any website is down or not we can check it by searching “is down”. And we will get to know if it is down or not.

Does mime rhyme with time

Duckduckgo has an instant answer which finds rhyming words instantly. We can do this by searching “rhymes with time” or any other word that one can think of.

Cool features for developers

There is a whole list full of instant answers that will prove to be useful for software developers, but it might be a little less important for the general public. Here is the list of what duckduckgo is able to do:

  • Generate lorem ipsum text
  • Encode URLs to machine-readable text
  • Convert binary to decimal
  • Shows the list of special characters and their Html values
  • Show Html value for any special character
  • Show colors based on hexadecimal values

Add instant answers to other search engines

One can simply download the duckduckgo extension on your favorite search engine. And now whenever we will search, we will see duckduckgo’s instant answers above search results in any search engine.

Disadvantages of duckduckgo

Less personalization

Duckduckgo does not store search history which is technically an advantage in case of privacy but it can also be less comfortable sometimes.

No built-in features

Duckduckgo does not offer built-in features as google does. It does not have features like google maps, google flights, google finance, google books, etc.

Advantages of google

Displays unique content

Google always displays unique content that is tailored to our preferences and history.

Offers built-in features

Google offers built-in features that are quite helpful. There are many built-in features like google maps which helps us to calculate our trajectory to a place we are searching for or search results filters like books or clothes, etc.

Remembers your search history

Google remembers our search history which can prove to be helpful in case we want to revisit any web page that we have forgotten to save.


It is integrated with all of our other google accounts and products that can sometimes prove to be rewarding.

Disadvantages of google

Remembers your search history

Google remembers our search history which can be counted as both advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon the user needs and security issues.

Sell your data to the third party

Google sells the data of the user to the third party and offers them with sophisticated tools to track. They can thus track us across the web and thus can bombard us with tailored ads.

Lack of privacy

Google pulls data from our private emails in order to spam us with ads. There is no human employee that sees our email but this is an automatic process.